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Choice of compiler version on Yellowstone for CESM1.2.2

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Choice of compiler version on Yellowstone for CESM1.2.2
II try to compile the CAM-Chem (compset FMOZ) with pgi/15.10 on Yellowstone. It compiles fine but when I submit the job to 
the queue, it returns "Exited code: 255" after execution. Not even one time step is calcualted yet.

Previously I use pgi/13.3 without any issue. Does anyone know whether I should add additional flags/options in this case?

In addition, I find using Intel and Pgi compiler could lead to significant difference in the model prediction after one month simulation.
Is it related to the compiler version (I use intel/12.1.5 and pgi/13.3 by default)?
Thank you very much for any help.


I do not recommend using the pgi compiler on yellowstone for cesm - use intel.   

CESM Software Engineer


Thanks for the quick reply. Is there any particular reason for not using pgi?


Does different version of intel compiler make difference for CESM?





Any change in compiler version will likely change order of operations which in turn will lead to bit-for-bit differences in results and thus to a different result.   Changing compiler versions may also resolve (or create) compiler bugs, which can lead to a failure in compiling the code or, worse, to generating incorrect resuts.  We have experienced a lot of problems with PGI compilers on yellowstone, although the intel compilers have had problems too they have been much fewer in number and less significant in nature.  Newer compiler versions tend to improve optimization and thus performance and so it is generally good to use the newest available compiler, however sometimes an updated compiler may expose problems in an older version of the model.      

CESM Software Engineer


Thanks for your quick reply and that is clear to me now.


I try to use the intel/16.0.3 compiler on Yellowstone but it fails at the mct build. Could you help post your "env_mach_specific" file for the newer version of intel compiler?




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