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CICE Configuration Issue with CESM Setup

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CICE Configuration Issue with CESM Setup



I am currently trying to setup CESM with the slab ocean model, which require the CICE model.  I am setting up the model with f02_f02.  I am running into the following issue:

CICE configure done.
build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for grid_file
user defined attributes:
Died at /global/u1/k/kareed/cesm1_2_1/models/ice/cice/bld/build-namelist line 708.
ERROR: cice.buildnml.csh failed
ERROR from preview namelist - EXITING

I tried the build-namelist fix here:, with no luck.

Any suggestions?!



We have had discussions off line about this. It appears the problem is that the CICE is not set up to run at f02 in this case. I would recommend running the CICE/DOCN-SOM at g16 instead, i.e. f02_g16. There are existing SOM forcing files for the gx1v6 resolution.


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