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cice initial condition num records issue

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cice initial condition num records issue

I have been trying to run some B compsets, but when it tries to read the cice initial condition I get, for example, this error:
    input statement requires too much data, unit 82, file $DIN_LOC_ROOT/ice/cice/iced.0001-01-01.gx1v6_20080212

I have confirmed that those input files are present in my DIN_LOC_ROOT and not empty. Is there another run setting I need to set for this to work?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Whoah. What version of the code are you using? This is one of the old binary initial files. We've moved to netCDF as of CCSM4.



Ah, I see. I am using CESM 1.2.2. That file was the default ice IC for B_2000. I was able to get it to run with a different ice IC that is netCDF (the default from B_1850 compset). But I wondering, is there a tool to convert that binary one to the newer format? Or a different ice IC that should be the default?



So, we haven't done B2000 with this version of the code. I didn't realize the initial state for this was wrong. Sorry about that. I would use the B1850 initial file, or you could use a large-ensemble (LENS) 20th century state. How is the rest of the model initialized?


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