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CICE tracer dependency

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CICE tracer dependency

If I understand the CICE documentation, when making a tracer, it is transported as tracer*dependency, where dependency is aicen, vicen, vsnon, or another tracer? Then I'm not sure what to keep track of in the tracer array? Is the quantity we need to keep track of in the tracer aray in reality tracer/dependency? Or, conversely, if I want the correct value, do I need to divide the tracer by the dependency? 

Thank you for your help!




Hi David,

You are correct that tracers are multiplied by the dependent variable for transport and also ice thickness redistribution. However, the base tracer array (trcr - aggregate or trcrn - category) is the "raw" value. You will need to set up an index in this array and also the trcr_depend array. I usually find it easiest to follow the example of an existing tracer. So, if you are adding an aggregate (not spread across categories) tracer, then have a look at nt_iage or nt_FY. A more complicated tracer that is spread across categories and also needs code to distribute it in the vertical is nt_aero.



Thank you Dave! As you mentione, in this case we do not need the value spread across the categories, just the volume in a cell that can be added/subtracted to and advect throughout the domain. I'll have a look at the iage and FY tracers to get started.




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