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CIME mapping tool

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CIME mapping tool


I have generated mapping files on cheyenne, geyser, and caldera using a mapping tool from CESM1 the past few years.  With changes to esmf installs, inability to use multi processors on geyser and caldera, addition of pronghorn, and change to slurm, my old scripts were no longer working.  Rather than modify them, I thought I'd download the latest version.

I downloaded the current CIME master and have pulled out the mapping tool.  It looks very similar to prior versions and acknowledges existance of pronghorn.  But I am unable to get the tool to run on multiple processors.  Can anyone provide any guidance.  I have tried interactive and batch.  By the way -b in does not work even though -h suggests it does.  I also note a lack of documentation on the tool in the CIME user guide.  I can run the tool interactively on one processor, but that is not going to be ideal for some of the larger grids and may in fact not work at all.

I have tried setting MPIEXEC to "srun -n 16" on pronghorn and it complains that I have to run serially.  Has anyone successfully run the current CIME mapping tool on multiple processors in batch or interactive mode?


Our expert on using the tool is currently on family leave.   

CESM Software Engineer


I got something to work.  May or may not be ideal, but seems to do the job, for now.  Process documented below.


Oct 4, 2018

geyser and caldera no longer support multi process runs
pronghorn does not have esmf built with mpi

To get this working on cheyenne, running multi-processors interactively


- Checked out cime master (9ca93cab67369e1d40d15) on Oct 3, 2018 and copied out mapping tool
  git clone cime.181003
  cp -p -r cime.181003/tools/mapping mapping_cime
  cd mapping_cime


- Build check_maps, on cheyenne login node
  module load esmf_libs/7.0.0
  module load esmf-7.1.0r-ncdfio-uni-O
  cd check_maps/src


- Build gen_domain, on cheyenne login node
  cd gen_domain_files/src


- Modify gen_mapping tool, on cheyenne login node
  cd gen_mapping_files
    add "--large_file" to line 117 of where $make_map_exe is defined
  - edit gen_ESMF_mapping_file/
    change at about line 327
      ../../../configure --clean
      ../../../configure --mpilib mpi-serial
      module swap mpt mpt/2.15f
      module swap esmf-7.0.0-defio-mpi-O esmf-7.0.0-ncdfio-mpi-O
#      ../../../configure --clean
#      ../../../configure --mpilib mpi-serial
#      .
#      module swap mpt mpt/2.15f
#      module swap esmf-7.0.0-defio-mpi-O esmf-7.0.0-ncdfio-mpi-O
      module load esmf_libs/7.0.0
      module load esmf-7.1.0r-ncdfio-mpi-O


- Run gen_mapping tool, on cheyenne batch node,
  - from cheyenne login node, start interactive session on batch node,
  qsub -I -l select=1:ncpus=36:mpiprocs=36 -l walltime=01:00:00 -q regular -A [account]

  cd mapping_cime/gen_mapping_files
  set fatm = "/glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/mapping/grids/"
  set tatm = global
  set natm = TL319
  set focn = "/glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/mapping/grids/"
  set tocn = regional
  set nocn = ar2v3
  setenv MPIEXEC "mpiexec_mpt -np 36"
  ./ -fatm $fatm -focn $focn -natm $natm -nocn $nocn -tatm $tatm -tocn $tocn

 -logout of batch node


- Run gen_domain if needed
  cd gen_domain_files
  ./gen_domain -m ../gen_mapping_files/ -o ar2v3 -l TL319


- Review test_map and domain files
  via whatever process you prefer, I happen to use ferret to look at fields



- This worked for me on Oct 4, 2018.  There may be other better ways to do the same.
- Have not tested serial capability on geyser, caldera, pronghorn, or cheyenne
- Have not tested batch capability
  "-b" option in is rejected even though -h says its valid.  There
  seems to be no support for batch runs in the current implementation.  It should be
  possible (easy?) to run this in batch mode rather than via an interactive batch

My cheyenne interactive login node modules were

>module list

Currently Loaded Modules:
  1) ncarenv/1.2    3) ncarcompilers/0.4.1   5) netcdf/4.6.1      7) esmf-7.1.0r-ncdfio-uni-O
  2) intel/17.0.1   4) mpt/2.15f             6) esmf_libs/7.0.0
My cheyenne batch login modules were

>module list

Currently Loaded Modules:
  1) ncarenv/1.2   2) intel/17.0.1   3) ncarcompilers/0.4.1   4) mpt/2.15f   5) netcdf/4.6.1




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