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CLM: landmask not on dataset

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CLM: landmask not on dataset


in the lnd log i get:

 Opened existing file
 /project/projectdirs/ccsm1/inputdata/share/domains/domain.clm/domain.lnd.T42_US      458752
 lat/lon grid flag (isgrid2d) is  T
 ncd_inqvid: variable LANDMASK is not on dataset
 decompInit_lnd(): Number of clumps exceeds number of land grid cells
           4           1
 ENDRUN: called without a message string

If I inquire the input file i get:

        int mask(nj, ni) ;
                mask:long_name = "land domain mask" ;
                mask:coordinate = "xc yc" ;
                mask:note = "unitless" ;
                mask:comment = "0=ocean and 1=land, 0 indicates that cell is not active" ;

Which one is right?

Rosa, D. LBNL


Not so many replies, please. I cannot keep up with them!

Rosa, D. LBNL


The first "error" is just a warning. It checks for the name "LANDMASK", doesn't find it and prints a warning. But then it checks for "mask", and finds it and is happy. But, what is causing it to die is this error:


 decompInit_lnd(): Number of clumps exceeds number of land grid cells
           4           1

So you are running for a single point -- but asking for four threads. For one point, you need to run with only 1 task and 1 thread.

Erik Kluzek ...............

CESM Land Model (CLM) Software Liason

CESM Software Engineering Group, NCAR



Hi Erik,

thank you!

Now I got it. Sorry but certain things are not obvious for us.



Rosa, D. LBNL

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