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CLM v3 working with gfortran compiler

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CLM v3 working with gfortran compiler

Does the CLM v3 works with gfortran compiler or with any other open-source compiler ? Has anybody successfully run with the gfortran compiler.? It will be helpful if you could provide the necessary modifications to run CLM.

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I have developed new processes in land surface component. Now, I want to add few variables, which have been included in the extra code that I have developed. I need to see the changes in those variables. could  anybody please tell me how to add variables to the CLM output.

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You have to use subrountines from histFileMod like hist_addfld1d, or  hist_addfld2d, or hist_addfld_decomp depending upon your variables types. See in appropirate source codes (for eg. if you are interested in carbon flux or state vegetations variables; CNVegCarbonFluxType.F90, CNVegCarbonStateType.F90 ) to check how are the variables added. The name of the source code may differ upon the version of CLM you are using. This is CLM4.5 newer version as upto date.


There is also some help for adding variables in this CLM tutorial presentation:

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