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CMIP5 CCSM4/CESM-BGC case files

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CMIP5 CCSM4/CESM-BGC case files



I would like to run simulations comparable to the RCP ones from CCSM4 and/or CESM-BGC using CESM 1.0.6, just changing some surface inputs. Is it possible to have access to the original case folders so as to just create a branch run? If not, could someone please point me to any references to the configurations used (namelists, etc) more specific than what is found on the CESM1.0 Experiments page?

Thanks in advance, and best wishes,




Do you have an account on cheyenne?



Unfortunately no, I'm running it in a cluster in Brazil


Only RCP8.5 was run with the CESM1-BGC configuration of the model; there are setups for all RCPs available from the CCSM4 configuration.


Which would you prefer?



The CCSM4 configurations would be great, I'll have to run RCP2.6 as well. Thanks!

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