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CMIP5 sstClim experiment design

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CMIP5 sstClim experiment design


I have a question regarding one of the CCSM4/CESM1 experiments in the CMIP5 archive. The experiment in question is called "sstClim". It prescribes climatological SST as the lower boundary condition. To my understanding the SST climatology is based on the piControl experiment but when I compare surface temperatures of those two experiments the climatology is quite different, with the SST more than 1K warmer in sstClim than in piControl for CESM1. So my question is how the SST climatology was calculated for the two models. Does anybody know?




We are currently investigating these runs to see what SST and sea ice data were used for these runs. If those datasets are incorrect, we'll re-run and replace these data.



Hi strandwg,

Thanks for looking into that. Any results yet? Perhaps the SST climatology was calculated from a relatively short period in piControl that happened to be warmer?



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