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co2 cycle and tracer index

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co2 cycle and tracer index


I want to do a test run with CAM6 using the co2 cycle.

I used the compset: FHIST_DEV and turned the co2_flag=.true. in the user_ncl_cam

Then i get the error:"ERROR:  cnst_add: FATAL: advected tracer index greater than pcnst=          33"

Isn't the co2_flag supposed to add 4 new tracers? My future plan is to add even more tracers, so how can i tell the model to increase number of advected tracers?




In CAM the number of advected constituents is a compile time option, i.e., you can't change it at run time with a namelist option.  To run the CO2 cycle code the option -co2_cycle must be given to configure.  When you do this the namelist variable co2_flag will be set to true by build-namelist.  It is not necessary to set it in user_nl_cam.


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