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Column cbalance error

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Column cbalance error


I'm running B_1850-2000_CN for the length of the historical period, but the model mysteriously crashes in 1993 after successfully running for 140+ years. I haven't changed any of the default options for the land file, and multiple additional tests with the same set up using restart files from 1992 are still crashing in '93. The error message seems to be related to the carbon balance in the land model:


 BalanceCheck: soil balance error nstep =   2511302 point =  5529 imbalance =   -0.000000 W/m2

 BalanceCheck: soil balance error nstep =   2511302 point =  7773 imbalance =   -0.000000 W/m2

 column cbalance error =   1.041977212845602E-008        5849

 begcb       =   -8943647.18543621

 endcb       =   -8943672.29801186

 delta store =   -25.1125756558031

 input mass  =   0.000000000000000E+000

 output mass =    25.1125756453833

 net flux    =   -25.1125756453833

 nee         =    25.1125756453833

 gpp         =   0.000000000000000E+000

 er          =    25.5537637468163

 col_fire_closs         =   0.000000000000000E+000

 col_hrv_xsmrpool_to_atm =  -1.174154908770130E-005

 dwt_closs         =  -0.441177325118456

 product_closs         =   9.652345599804055E-007

 ENDRUN: called without a message string

application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1) - process 27


I've seen similar errors mentioned only briefly and cannot seem to find a fix. Is anyone aware of this problem/know how to fix it? 


-Meg Fowler 



Hi Meg,

You have posted this in the WACCM section of the forum. B_1850-2000_CN is not a WACCM compset. You may have better luck getting a response if you post under "Land Modeling with CLM" or "Atmosphere Modeling with CAM". Please be sure to include the version of CESM you are using in your post.


Mike Mills
WACCM Liaison
Atmospheric Chemistry Division
NCAR Foothills Lab
Boulder, Colorado USA


Whoops, thank you Mike! 

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