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What does "mpi_bcast(1, ...)" mean ?

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What does "mpi_bcast(1, ...)" mean ?

I'm trying to run CESM 1.1.1 on the K computer by using Fujitsu compiler.

But, I encounter the issue of mpi_bcast.

For example, in (CESMROOT)/models/utils/pio/piodarray.F90,

call mpi_bcast(1, 1, mpi_integer, ios%compmaster, ios%intercomm, ierr)

call mpi_bcast(MPI_REAL4, 1, mpi_integer, ios%compmaster, ios%intercomm, ierr)


In Fujitsu compiler, the first argument of mpi_bcast() must be a valiable.

Defined vaule is not used, but Intel MPI compiler or mvapich is OK.


To start with, what does "mpi_bcast(1, ...)" mean ?

I do not think that these lines have meanings.

May I make these lines comment out ?




This broadcast is sent from tasks in this part of the code but recieved by tasks in pio_msg_callbacks.F90 (variable fillv at around line 238).

This part of the code is not currently used in cesm, you can safely comment it out, I will update to use a variable instead of a constant in the next tag.


CESM Software Engineer


Dear jedwards,


I understand that. Thanks a lot. 


I've taken care of this in the latest PIO tag 1.7.0.   It should now satisfy the requirements of mpi.mod.  

CESM Software Engineer

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