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bsub script for resubmission?

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bsub script for resubmission?

I'm working with a the SAM cloud resolving model by Marat Khairoutdinov on Yellowstone and I'd like my run script to get the exit code from the current job and decide whether to resubmit or not. Here's what I have so far:

# LSF batch script to run an MPI application
#BSUB -P P35081334
#BSUB -W 02:00 # wall-clock time (hrs:mins)
#BSUB -n 16 # number of tasks in job
#BSUB -R "span[ptile=16]" # run 16 MPI tasks per node
#BSUB -J BUBBLE_500_64x64_08km_1.0k_3g # job name
#BSUB -o BUBBLE_500_64x64_08km_1.0k_3g.out.%J # output file name in which %J is replaced by the job ID
#BSUB -e BUBBLE_500_64x64_08km_1.0k_3g.err.%J # error file name in which %J is replaced by the job ID
#BSUB -q regular # queue

set case = BUBBLE
set subcase = advsel
set jobfile = $case/resub.$subcase
set prmfile = $case/prm.$subcase
set prmloc = $case/prm

setenv LID "`date +%y%m%d-%H%M%S`"

#run the executable
mpirun.lsf ./SAM_ADV_MPDATA_RAD_CAM_MICRO_SAM1MOM_64x64_B08km >&! sam.log.$LID

echo sam.log.$LID
# Resubmit the job if not finished
set exitstatus = $?
echo SAM stopped with exit status $exitstatus

if [ $exitstatus -eq 0 ]

echo It appears the previous run ended properly and job not yet finished.
echo Resubmitting $jobfile
cat $prmfile | sed s/nrestart.\*=.\*0/nrestart\ =\ 1/ > temp.namelist
\mv temp.namelist $prmfile
\cp $prmfile $prmloc
bsub < sam_run

The variable $exitcode does not have the right value in the test runs that I've done so far. $exitcode has the value 0 when I know that the model indeed exited with exit code 9.

So my question is, is there a different syntax for obtaining the exit code rather than $?, which I think was meant for a different system. I don't know wher eot look any of this up for the LSF.





Rather than looking for a return code we look in the model log to deterrmine if it has successfully completed.


set CESMLogFile = `ls -1t cesm.log* | head -1` 
if ($CESMLogFile == "") then
  echo "Model did not complete - no cesm.log file present - exiting"
  exit -1
set CPLLogFile = `echo $CESMLogFile | sed -e 's/cesm/cpl/'`
if ($CPLLogFile == "") then
  echo "Model did not complete - no cpl.log file corresponding to most recent CESM log ($RUNDIR/$CESMLogFile)"
  exit -1
grep 'SUCCESSFUL TERMINATION' $CPLLogFile  || echo "Model did not complete - see $RUNDIR/$CESMLogFile" && echo "run FAILED $sdate" >>& $CASEROOT/CaseStatus && exit -1

echo "run SUCCESSFUL $sdate" >>& $CASEROOT/CaseStatus

CESM Software Engineer


I agree with Jim that checking the log may be a more certain way of doing this.

If you would rather check the return code, put "set exitstatus=$?" immediately after the mpirun.lsf command. "$?" is a special variable that always holds the return code from the very last command. The way that your script is written now, it will use the return code from the preceding "echo" command, which will pretty much always be 0.

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group

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