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Cesm 1.0 faling to build executable

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Cesm 1.0 faling to build executable


I am having trouble building the cesm 1.0 for testing.

I created the new case as follows:


create_newcase -case /home/cesm/cesm1_1/cesm1_0/cases/test1 -res f19_g16 -compset X -mach generic_linux_intel -scratchroot /home/cesm/cesm1_1/cesm1_0/scratch -din_loc_root_csmdata /home/cesm/cesm1_1/cesm1_0/inputdata -max_tasks_per_node 8                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

I get the following error when building the case:

ERROR: ccsm.buildexe.csh failed

Attached is the output file.


I am building the model with gnu compilers on Centos, using mpich netcdf 4.3.0 and pnetcdf.


Any help will be appreciated!



You need to find how to call these routines from fortran on your system

Get the following program working and then make the required changes in shr_sys_mod.F90


program systest

  call system('ls')

  call chdir('../')

end program

CESM Software Engineer


Thanks for the quick answer.


I am using mpich 3.0.4, I've been trying to get the system calls working with no luck so far.


This has nothing to do with mpich - if you can't get that simple example working you should ask your system administrator.

CESM Software Engineer


I can compile and run the program correctly but still get the same error when trying to build the model.

I've checked the shr_sys_mod file and all the system calls seem to be ok, I'm stuck.




I finally solved the problem by adding -DSYSLINUX instead of -DLINUX

into the CPPDEFS line in the Macros file for the case.


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