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porting CESM1.2.0 on UK's HECToR supercomputer

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porting CESM1.2.0 on UK's HECToR supercomputer


I am planning to install and run CESM.1.2.0 on the UK' supercomputer HECToR. I have found that this computer was listed in the supported machines for CESM 1.0.4 but not for CESM1.2.0. I was wondering if you are aware of any issue related to running CESM.1.2.0 on HECToR. Alternatively, is this only because CESM.1.2.0 has just been released?

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I think that the reason that that machine was removed was that we don't have anyone on the development team with access to it.  

CESM Software Engineer


Thanks! Would then be a "safer" option to use the previous version, CESM1.0.4?


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