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problems compiling csm_share with gnu

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problems compiling csm_share with gnu

I have a problem compiling cesm1_2_0 with gnu (gcc+gfortran, 4.3.4, intel_ia64) at csm_share/shr_assert_mod.F90:


     loc_vec = (/ integer:: /)
Error: Syntax error in array constructor at (1)

Any help is wellcome, thanks very much




gfortran 4.3 is an older version than we currently test with (I believe we use version 4.7.2, which is about 3 years newer). You can try to work around this by adding the following line to the top of models/csm_share/shr/shr_assert_mod.F90 (not

#define CPRPGI

However, you may run up against some other problem. You should try a newer version of gfortran (probably 4.7) , because that will be more similar to a version that we have tested.

If you compare different versions of Fortran compilers over the last 5 years, you will find a huge range of different behavior and supported features, and we do not have the resources to support them all. For recent development, we have focused on newer compilers, generally released within the last couple of years.

Sean Patrick Santos

CESM Software Engineering Group


I  instaled gfortran 4.8.1 version and the compilation problem was corrected. Thanks



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