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File not found: rpointer.ocn.ovf

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File not found: rpointer.ocn.ovf

I am attempting to run the following case and end up with an error about not finding rpointer.ocn.ovf.

The case is:

create_newcase -case test3 -res f19_g16 -compset B_1850_CAM5_CN -mach matcha

Everything builds fine. The environment is:
RedHat Linux x86_64
Intel compilers (12.1.0)
OpenMPI 1.4.3

STOP_N = 5

The error in ccsm.log.XXX is:

forrtl: No such file or directory
forrtl: severe (29): file not found, unit 94, file /tmp/cesm/test3/run/./rpointer.ocn.ovf
Image PC Routine Line Source
ccsm.exe 0000000001F3F4DA Unknown Unknown Unknown
ccsm.exe 0000000001F3DFD6 Unknown Unknown Unknown
ccsm.exe 0000000001EE47B0 Unknown Unknown Unknown
ccsm.exe 0000000001E79CAE Unknown Unknown Unknown
ccsm.exe 0000000001E791EF Unknown Unknown Unknown
ccsm.exe 0000000001E8FF9D Unknown Unknown Unknown
ccsm.exe 0000000001860B12 overflows_mp_ovf_ 2166 overflows.F90
ccsm.exe 000000000186DB81 overflows_mp_init 1292 overflows.F90
ccsm.exe 0000000001A42C5C initial_mp_pop_in 239 initial.F90
ccsm.exe 000000000190E36D pop_initmod_mp_po 102 POP_InitMod.F90
ccsm.exe 000000000184D700 ocn_comp_mct_mp_o 259 ocn_comp_mct.F90
ccsm.exe 00000000004FA4E9 ccsm_comp_mod_mp_ 722 ccsm_comp_mod.F90
ccsm.exe 00000000004FD026 MAIN__ 90 ccsm_driver.F90
ccsm.exe 00000000004EB45C Unknown Unknown Unknown 0000003F55E1D994 Unknown Unknown Unknown
ccsm.exe 00000000004EB369 Unknown Unknown Unknown

I'm not sure why it is looking for the rpointer file in the first place as this is not a restart run. It appears that the offending line is in overflows.F90.


Hi, have you solved this problem now? because i'm facing the same problem like you. if you did solve this problem, please help me out! thank you so much

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