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FAMIPC5 past 2005

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FAMIPC5 past 2005


I need to continue a CESMv1.2 FAMIPC5 run past 2005 for a comparison. I am not sure how the branching works with rcp scenarios as all of the component sets I could find have pop2 rather than docn. I see why this is for simulations into the future, but for present day I do really want to use a data ocean. Is this possible by branching to an rcp component set?

I am also thinking about using F_1850-PDAY_CAM5 and just running for the period that I need. I am not sure how different this is from an AMIP configuration component set though. Is there a reference for where I could figure out the answer to these questions?


Thanks so much, Ellen


Hi Ellen,

I just wanna ask if your question was answered, cause I have the same issue as yours, that is, I want to use F_1850-PDAY_CAM5 to contiue my F_AMIP_CAM5 run after 2005, but I'm not sure if there is any difference between the 2 components, and that if I can use the restart files created from F_AMIP_CAM5 directly as restart files to continue a F_1850-PDAY_CAM5 run?

I'd appreciate it if you have anything to share.



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