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Nitrogen deposition from CAM

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Nitrogen deposition from CAM

Dear all,

Has anyone dealt with Nitrogen (NHx, NOy) deposition from CAM?

CAM has four output variables respectively represent wet and dry deposition for NHx and NOy, and I summed them up, finding that the total amount of N deposition is just ~70 Tg N per year. But N deposition for CLM to read in is the magnitude of ~100 Tg N per year. 

BTW, the component set I'm using is FMOZ (with active CLM and CAM but inactive ocean). My question is where N deposition from CAM includes deposition onto the ocean?  If so, the maybe the missing ~30 Tg N per year is deposited onto the ocean!? (From the attached pic you can see there are around 30 Tg N deposited onto the ocean)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!





Hi Shirley

depending on the method used (Neu or MOZART) wetdep can be either positive or negative.

Are all your terms in the N-budget positive?  We also found recently that there is a missing sink associated with the chemistry and that could also be the reason for the imbalance.


Hi Lamar

Thanks for your reply.

MOZART is the chemistry I'm using and deposition (NHx, NOy) and N species concentration (NH3, NOx etc.) are all positive. May I ask what exactly is the missing sink you mentioned?




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