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Multiple averaging periods for same variable

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Multiple averaging periods for same variable

Is it possible to output, to a single history file, multiple averaging methods for the same variable (e.g., both maxmimum and minimum of OMEGA)?

I tried

fincl2 = 'OMEGA:M', 'OMEGA:X', ...

but the h1 file only includes only the minimum of OMEGA. I know I can add them to a separate file (e.g., minima in h1, maxima in h2, ...) but not sure if this would slow down output etc.

Jack Reeves Eyre


You cannot do this in a single history file. But you save several history files with the multiple avergaes.

For instance:

fincl1 = 'T:I'

fincl2 = 'T:A'

fincl3 = 'T:X'

fincl4 = 'T:M'



OK - thank you!

Jack Reeves Eyre

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