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Problems with Eulerian dycore over ocean

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Problems with Eulerian dycore over ocean

I'm going to use SCAM over an ocean area. I've done som test runs with default compset F_ARM97_SCAM5 (over land) and T42_T42 (since it has to be run with eulerian dycore), that runs perfectly well, but when I look at regions over ocean (dycoms, gateIII...) I get this error message:

(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: ice_open_nc: Cannot open /work/ihkarset/inputdata/share/domains/UNSET


I also get the same error when running the whole model with compset F_2000_CAM5 and resolution T42_T42.


I guess this is because the model can't find an appropriate grid-file for ocean (since ocean- and ice grids needs to be at the same resolution).


How can I fix this? Are there any other resolutions I can use when running SCAM to avoid this problem?

Inger Helene


I don't get this error after adding this file: "" to user_nl_cice as grid_file and kmt_file, and run with resolution T31_T31 instead. It runs perfectly well for the whole model, but I get errors when running SCAM. First,  I get this error '(shr_sys_abort) ERROR: latlongrid: check nx_global, ny_global' and the log-file for ice tells me to set this variables equal to 1. After doing this, I get the error message below which I don't understand anything of. Is there anyone here who can help me solving this problem?

CalcWorkPerBlock: Total blocks:     1 Ice blocks:     1 IceFree blocks:     0 Land blocks:     0
MCT::m_AttrVectComms::GSM_gather_: Input GlobalSegMap haloed--not allowed error, stat =1
000.MCT(MPEU)::die.: from MCT::m_AttrVectComms::GSM_gather_()
MPI_Abort: error code = 2
Application 1294379 exit codes: 2
Application 1294379 resources: utime ~28s, stime ~4s, Rss ~338352, inblocks ~5235880, outblocks ~551418



Inger Helene


It's running now, but I had to use stub sea-ice (SICE) to make it work.

Inger Helene


Dear Helene

Which changes did you do for running with that resolution (T42_T42)?



Carlos Enciso Ojeda
Geophysical Institute of Peru
Atmospheric and Hydrology Department

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