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Trouble porting CESM2 onto new machine (case.setup fails)

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Trouble porting CESM2 onto new machine (case.setup fails)

Dear Forum,

I'm trying to port CESM version 2.0.0 onto a new machine. I have followed the instructions under In particular I have edited and validated the config_*.xml files under ~/.cime. When I try setting up a test case (using case.setup) I get the following error message: 

The file ~/cesm2_0_0/cime/config/cesm/machines/config_compilers.xml has bad <var> references. Check for circular references or variables that are in a <var> tag but not actually defined.

This is also where the test script crashes (test case J_TestCreateNewcase), giving the same error message.

Thanks in advance for your help.


In the file config_compilers.xml if you have a variable $VARNAME that cannot be resolved (has not already been defined elsewhere) you will get this error.   

If the variable is defined in the environment you can use $ENV{VARNAME} and if it is only used in the resulting Makefile you can use $(VARNAME).   One of these should solve the problem.

CESM Software Engineer


Thank you - the problem was in the missing "ENV" as you pointed out!

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