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CESM2.0.0 Release Now Available!

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CESM2.0.0 Release Now Available!

Dear CESM participants,

We are pleased to announce the release of CESM2.0 (

CESM2.0 is accompanied by substantial new scientific additions to all model components, a new wave component, an advanced, interactive ice sheet model and powerful new infrastructure capabilities. A summary of these new features is described at

The CESM2.0 release does not include the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 6 (CMIP6)related forcings and associated component sets. These will be made available in the CESM2.1 release, scheduled for this fall.

To download the model, please reference the Quick Start Guide at

The CESM Project

Alice Bertini
Software Engineer


Hi aliceb,

I really glad to see that cesm2.0 is released.  We have successfully downloaded the cesm2.0 in our server (HPC) and trying to install cesm2.0.0 on our Linux (rhel 6.9) HPC system.  Could you please get us the steps to install it in brief or provide me user guide for it. It would be a great help from you if you tell the procedure to be followed with prerequisites and the PGI 2018 compiler. 


Pawan Vats



Please review the CIME on-line documentation related to porting CESM2 to your machine at:

You can verify a machine port using the on-line ensemble verification tool at:

Please refer to these web pages for references related to supported machines, compilers and tested configurations:

If you are still having problems with porting CESM2 to your machine, then please post specific errors and questions

to this forum:

Alice Bertini
Software Engineer

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