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history time slice files error - ice diagnostic package

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history time slice files error - ice diagnostic package



I am trying to run the ice diagnostic package on my data but I am having an error message:

ERROR diagUtilsLib.checkHistoryFiles: No history time slice files found matching pattern = <_sre.SRE_Pattern object at 0x2aaabbac59b0>

I am using the files:




In the env_postprocess file I set:


<!-- Description: If TRUE, create the single variable time series files using the history time slice files. All the time invariant metadata is included in each variable time series file header. Rules for how the time series variable files are created are specified in the env_archive.xml file. -->

<entry id="GENERATE_TIMESERIES"value="FALSE" />


<!-- Description: If TRUE, create only complete chunks of variable timeseries data files as determined by the env_timeseries.xml tseries_filecat_tper and tseries_filecat_n elements. If FALSE, then incomplete chunks of variable timeseries data will be created and appended to upon subsequent running of the timeseries script. Default is TRUE. -->



<!-- Description: If TRUE, create all variable timeseries files for all history streams regardless of the settings listed in the env_timeseries.xml tseries_create element. If set to FALSE, then use the tseries_create element setting in env_timeseries.xml for customized generation of timeseries files based on the history stream. -->



I am running the diag. package in only 30 yrs of my time series.


Does anyone know what is causing this error message? Please let me know if I made myself clear

Thank you in advance 



Are you sure you have the path correct? Try changing the -debug flag in the timeseries script to 3.


Yes, I checked that.

It is weird because I ran the ice diagnostic package for my B run's and it worked fine. I am having some issues for the BG runs.

Thank you for your response.



Where are you running this?


I don't know if I understood correctly, but I am running this in cheyenne.




Can you provide paths on Cheyenne to your data AND to the post processing case directory? thanks!


Yes, sure.




Directory where I have the env* files:



Post processing directory:



Thank you again



I see the problem. Miren does not have monthly mean history files in her run. Did she concatenate into annual files? Actually, these are annual mean. The diagnostics do not understand this.


Thank you very much for catching this. I will check that.

I really appreciate.




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