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f45 configulation in CESM2

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f45 configulation in CESM2

I try to run f45_g37 simulation in CESM2. 

But I fail to build the f45_g37 run with the error message listed below.


Generating component namelists as part of build

Creating component namelists

   Calling /mnt/lustre/share/CESM/cesm2_1_0/components/cam//cime_config/buildnml

     ...calling cam buildcpp to set build time options

ERROR: Command /mnt/lustre/share/CESM/cesm2_1_0/components/cam/bld/build-namelist -ntasks 120 -csmdata /share/CESM/cesm_input -infile /mnt/lustre/home/ksyun/cesm2_work/ -ignore_ic_year -use_case 1850_cam6 -inputdata /mnt/lustre/home/ksyun/cesm2_work/ -namelist " &atmexp  co2_cycle_rad_passive=.true. /"  failed rc=255

out=CAM build-namelist - ERROR: No default value found for ncdata

user defined attributes:

key=ic_md  val=00010101

err=Died at /mnt/lustre/share/CESM/cesm2_1_0/components/cam/bld/build-namelist line 4047.


I understood that the CESM2 does Not yet provide the configulation (i.e., input files) for f45_g37 run. 

Is it impossible to run the f45_g47 resolution in the CESM version 2? 




It is not impossible, a determined user could read the documentation and figure out how to generate the nessasary input files. 

CESM Software Engineer


One problem is that the nessasary input file lists were not generated in Buildconf directory. Thus, when I implement "check_input_data", it make a error "ERROR: No .input_data_list files found in dir 'Buildconf'". In addition, the documentation you mentioned is a user guide for CESM1?  I cannot find the documentation for CESM2. 






Unfortunately, this is not a supported resolution. You would need to create the missing input files. Also, if you run at this resolution, it is likely you will have to do some tuning to obtain a reasonable climate.


CESM Software Engineer

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