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Compiler flag on Mira

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Compiler flag on Mira

Does the '-Q' compiler flag on Mira and xlf compiler do anything? I couldn't find any documentation for it. Can it be removed without any impact on run-time?

This is from an older xlf document, I cannot find anything in recent bluegene specific documents.   Try removing it and see if it has any effect. 

-Q, -Q!, -Q+<names>, -Q-<names> Specifies whether internal procedures are inlined or only the internal procedures identifed in <names>, are inlined or are exempt from inlining. <names> is a list of internal procedure names that are separated by colons. You must specify at least an optimization level of -O2 for inlining to take effect with -Q. To turn on inline expansion for calls to procedures in different scopes, you must also use the -qipa=inline. The default is no inlining.

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Yes, removing works. The default at -O2 and higher is -qinline=auto. The -qinline flag appears to be a replacement for -Q. It'd be good to omit -Q from Macros to avoid any possible confusion. Thanks.

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