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compiling CESM to run CAM

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compiling CESM to run CAM

am trying to compile CESM 1.2.2 with the ultimate goal of running the CAM with prescribed SSTs (similar to AMIP simuations) and later with surface heating perturbations.



I am new to climate modeling and am unsure of some of the basic steps of compiling the model. I was hoping somebody could guide me/provide a simple set of instructions on what specific components of the model need to be compiled for this task, if the coupler is needed, and how I would go about feeding in SST data and prescribing surface heating anomalies. Just some basic pointers on what components of the model need compiled to get started would be very helpful.


I have successfully installed ZLIB, and parallel versions of HDF5, pnetcdf, NetCDF-C/C++/Fortran, and NCAR Parallel I/O using GNU compilers. I have a cluster here locally with the ability to run in parallel.


Thank you in advance for your time and help.

Kyle Clem
Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Rutgers University

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