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COMPSET: -scam -> -scam -nosmp -nospmd

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COMPSET: -scam -> -scam -nosmp -nospmd


I am running on and I had to change the compset to get the whole tool chain setup to complete:

-<CAM_CONFIG_OPTS compset="CAM[45]%SCAM"   >-dyn eul -scam</CAM_CONFIG_OPTS>
+<CAM_CONFIG_OPTS compset="CAM[45]%SCAM"   >-dyn eul -scam -nosmp -nospmd</CAM_CONFIG_OPTS>

+<MPILIB   compset="%SCAM">mpi-serial</MPILIB>

Otherwise it would say that scam assumes serial mode and it could not run without getting nosmp and nospmd.

Rosa, D. LBNL

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