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config_batch.xml validation fails

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config_batch.xml validation fails


please advise if this post should be in a different forum, such as Bug Reporting or Porting.

while in the process of porting cesm1_5_beta02_waccm06 to our NOAA Theia system, I have been following the steps in the "Porting CESM2" presentation slides from the recent 2017 Tutorial session.  Thanks so much for that resource.

I've been able to populate and validate the config_machines.xml and config_compilers.xml files, using the xsd schema files in /cime/cime_config/xml_schemas.

when I run the validation for the config_batch.xml file, there are a multitude of errors in my modified config_batch.xml.  I then ran the validation check on the config_batch.xml unmodified from the checkout version, and find that the majority of the errors are from the original checked out file.

my questions are:

a) is the syntax in the provided config_batch.xml correct, ie, will it work as is?

b) is there a different config_batch.xsd, or config_batch.xml, that I should be using?

I've attached the original config_batch.xml file, renamed to "ncar-config_batch.xml", and a text file containing the output of the validation check.  The command run to validate the file was "xmllint --noout --schema config_batch.xsd ncar-config_batch.xml", run from the directory "cime/cime_config/cesm/machines"



You are following a procedure for cesm2 but using a much older model version dated before we defined an xml schema for config_batch.xml

You should abandon your laudable effort to follow the instructions and instead match the syntax in the config_batch.xml found in the source.  

CESM Software Engineer

Thanks so much jedwards!

with the new complete checkout that happened Friday, checking out all components, and some fresh configuration file work, a new case and build of FW5 with this version of the CESM has just successfully completed.  I noticed that quite a large number of source files changed between my previous checkout and this recent one.

as this version, a sort of cesm 1.5, was recommended by the science researchers side for the purposes of our group's research, I'm stuck with working on the software engineering side of the equation. Hopefully soon I'll be able to provide a centalized working source...  Will continue to plow on.

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