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conversion between ieeer8 and netcdf

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conversion between ieeer8 and netcdf


    Can  Anyone kindly give me some advices about how to read ieeer8 formatted data with fortran or view it directly with some graphic software ?  Any subroutines or tools available to help completing the conversion between ieeer8 and netcdf ?

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You can open a ieeer8 file with this piece of matlab code:


clear all;


fid = fopen('ts_PHC2_jan_ic_gx3v7_20100107.ieeer8');

TS = fread(fid,'double'); %% read temperature and salinity from this file



%%% Temperature variable is 100x116x60

%%% Salinity variable is also 100x116x60





Temp = TS1(:,:,1:60);

Salt = TS1(:,:,61:120);

imagesc(Temp(:,:,1))  %shows temperature on first level
imagesc(Salt(:,:,1)) %shows salinity on the first level

That's it. I do not know yet how to transform ieeer8 directly to netcdf, but I'll try to do it soon. Neither how to transform the data into a regular grid. If someone could help, it will be very appreciated!

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