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Coszen and Linear algorithms for forcing data

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Coszen and Linear algorithms for forcing data
Dear All,

I am working on CLM4.0 (CESM 1.0.3). I created a daily forcing data from 3-hourlry average (precip, solar radiations) and instantaneous (Specific humidity, Pressure, wind speed, Temperature) fields. I used average of all the 8 data files for a day for all variables, as a daily forcing to the model. I run the model by using ATM_NCPL = 24, i-e atmospheric coupling 24 times a day. At this stage, I am confused about using the interpolation algorithms in datm.buildnml.csh for the three streams (1-Precipiation 2-Solar radiations 3-Rest of variables). We have Coszen, Linear and Nearest algorithms. I am using coszen for radiations, nearest for precipitation, and linear for the rest of the variables. My point here is, that I am using average solar radiations of all 8 data files of a day, should the interpolation algorithm be linear or coszen, and what you people suggest about other two data streams? the output which I am getting from this case is monthly.

I choose daily forcing data because of computational issues.

I will really appreciate your comments and suggestions on this topic.



Anyone please...


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