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Coupling ROMS with CICE in a regional domain

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Coupling ROMS with CICE in a regional domain


I am coupling ROMS with CICE model, and I try to configure this coupled model in a regional domain, such as Beaufort Sea. This model is usually used to run globally without any open boudary conditions. If I want to run it on regional grids, how to set up the boundary conditions? Which module in the model controls this? What variables should be included in the open boundary condition nc file?


Kind regards,



Hi Junde,

CICE has hooks for boundary restoring that should be useful for setting up a regional model. Info about the boundary conditions is here: I believe the two modules you want are ice_restoring.F90 and ice_domain.F90 here:, and look into the namelist option restore_ice. 




Hi Alice,


Thank you for your reply.


These two moduls are very useful for me to run CICE in a regional domain.


Kind regards,



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