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creating SST/ICE forcing file using B compset outputs

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creating SST/ICE forcing file using B compset outputs

Hi, I am trying to create SST/ICE boundary forcing from B compset on Cheyenne, but encountered an error message when using the bcgen utility for time diddling (see below).  I tried to load compiler intel/18.0.1 or gnu/8.1.0, but neither helped. Does anybody know how to fix it?

Thanks, Shineng



shinengh@cheyenne4:~/analysis/DataProc/CESM_INPUT/SSTICE/SSTICE_CTL00/icesst> gmake

(cd regrid; gmake)

gmake[1]: Entering directory '/gpfs/u/home/shinengh/analysis/DataProc/CESM_INPUT/SSTICE/SSTICE_CTL00/icesst/regrid'

lf95 -c -I/usr/local/include -O precision.f90

gmake[1]: lf95: Command not found

Makefile:86: recipe for target 'precision.o' failed

gmake[1]: *** [precision.o] Error 127

gmake[1]: Leaving directory '/gpfs/u/home/shinengh/analysis/DataProc/CESM_INPUT/SSTICE/SSTICE_CTL00/icesst/regrid'

Makefile:2: recipe for target 'all' failed

gmake: *** [all] Error 2



I think you need to edit the file: regrid/precision.f90

Try to change from:

  integer, parameter :: r16 = selected_real_kind(20)


  integer, parameter :: r16 = selected_real_kind(12)

Looked at the makefile and these make routines are pretty old and not setup for building on Cheyenne out of the box. Its trying to compile using the Layhe compiler.

You should run 

module purge

module load pgi/17.9

module load netcdf




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