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Creating your own single point/regional surface datasets

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Creating your own single point/regional surface datasets



I'm working on setting up CLM4.5 for a single point (and eventually a region) and following the guidance in Chapter 5.4 of the online CLM users's guide, particularly:


The example refers to an example for Alaska that is in the repository. I've checked in the clm source directories on yellowstone, 

/glade/p/cesm, under cseg and under lmwg, and can't find anything obvious. For example, the examples look like they are snippets from a script but I can't find the script.

Looking for more help, I checked the 2014 CLM Tutorial (, particularly Practical 2B. It points to examples that are on yellowstone:/glade/p/cesm/lmwg/CLM2014_tutorial_space/Day2, but that directory no longer exists (only Day4 is there). The practical suggests studying the users guide, but the solution isn't obvious (to me) and I can't find the examples.

Can you point me to those Alaska examples, if they still exist (and work)?

If not, is there any other documentation/tutorial material?


(I'm running this on yellowstone, if that wasn't clear.)



= todd






Hi Todd,

Did you get any responce from them in private about the webpage  Practical 2B?



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