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csm_share build problem, userdefined machine

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csm_share build problem, userdefined machine

I am porting CESM 1.2.2 to a new machine (Linux cluster, pgi, openmpi). At the stage of trying to build the low-resolution X compset, I get through builds to mct, gptl, and pio, followed by a failure in csm_share. The bldlog follows my question. There are two obvious problems, the first of which is in line 2:


That it wants me to set a path somewhere is obvious, but I cannot figure out from this what it is missing. The second potential problem is the references to gfortran command line options, which may be related to first issue. gfortran is installed on this machine, but has not been invoked by any previous steps.

I have done all the USER DEFINED REQUIRED environment variables in the xml files, and none of the OPTIONAL ones.

Any insight greatly appreciated.



Sun Mar 15 23:27:44 EDT 2015 /lustre/work/geography/hanson/cam/cases/pgi/openmpi/nodebug/nothreads/csm_share.bldlog.150315-232739

mpif90  -c -I.  -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cam/cases/pgi/openmpi/nodebug/nothreads/include -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cam/cases/pgi/openmpi/nodebug/nothreads/MCT/noesmf/a1l1r1i1o1g1w1/csm_share -IUSERDEFINED_MUST_EDIT_THIS/include -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cam/cases/pgi/openmpi/nodebug/nothreads/include -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/models/csm_share/shr -I. -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/scripts/test2/SourceMods/src.share -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/models/drv/shr -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/models/dead_share -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/models/csm_share/shr -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/models/utils/esmf_wrf_timemgr -I/lustre/work/geography/hanson/cam/cases/lib/include  -i4 -gopt -Mlist -time -Mextend -byteswapio -Mflushz -Kieee   -nomp  -DNUM_COMP_INST_ATM=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_LND=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_OCN=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_ICE=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_GLC=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_WAV=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_ROF=1 -DLINUX  -DNDEBUG -DMCT_INTERFACE -DHAVE_MPI -DFORTRANUNDERSCORE -DNO_SHR_VMATH -DNO_R16   -DLINUX -DCPRPGI -DNO-MPIMOD -DHAVE_SLASHPROC -Mfree   /lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/models/utils/esmf_wrf_timemgr/ESMF_BaseMod.F90

gfortran: unrecognized option '-byteswapio'

gfortran: unrecognized option '-Kieee'

gfortran: unrecognized option '-nomp'

f951: error: unrecognized command line option "-i4"

f951: error: unrecognised debug output level "opt"

# f951 0.00 0.00

gmake: *** [ESMF_BaseMod.o] Error 1

gmake  complib -j 1 MODEL=csm_share COMPLIB=libcsm_share.a USER_CPPDEFS="  -DNUM_COMP_INST_ATM=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_LND=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_OCN=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_ICE=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_GLC=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_WAV=1 -DNUM_COMP_INST_ROF=1" -f /lustre/work/geography/hanson/cesm1_2_2/scripts/test2/Tools/Makefile  returned non-zero exit status 2



and it's finding gfortran because the mpif90 in your path was built with gfortran.  

Make sure that the openmpi bin directory is in your path before any other mpi install and that it

contains the mpicc and mpif90 compiler wrappers.

CESM Software Engineer

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