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Current run time error

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Current run time error

Hi all,

I suffered some problems when I try to run a test case with compset E_1850_CN:

Here is the error showing in the log file:

/data/zhou_scr/yjiang62/cesm_inputdata/rof/rtm/initdata/rtmi.I1850CRUCLM45BGC.0      458752

 pio_support::pio_die:: myrank=          -1 : ERROR: nf_mod.F90:         674 : 

 NetCDF: Variable not found

 Would there is any fault of variable names or environmental sets. Or I need to download a new input file for this run?Looking forward for advises and help! And if anyone try to prescribe the surface data as for land type changes? Yan

Yan Jiang

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