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D Compset: What streams to use for DOCN?

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D Compset: What streams to use for DOCN?
I am trying to run a D compset with NYF for testing purpouses and when trying to run it I run into an error where the 
streams for the DOCN model are not set up and causes the model not to run.

I want to use streams that will work best with the NYF and the default cice initizlization file,
which streams would I want to set up?


Hi Zach,

The D compset does not work out of the box because one needs to make the appropriate choice of slab ocean model forcing. Have a look at the FAQ here:




Hi Dave, 

I am having a bit of trouble viewing the FAQ. I did find a guide on how to create a user_docn.streams.txt.som file but when I run ./preview_namelists it doesn't seem to change in the run directory and the run still fails. Not sure what step of the work flow I am missing. 




Ack! Not sure what happened to my FAQ. I'll have to talk to the people that maintain the bulletin board. What version of the model are you using? You should not need to edit the stream file. Just the variable DOCN_SOM_FILENAME in env_run.xml.



I am on CESM2 and that seems to have done the trick! I was following a guide I had found with some googling ( and it said to make a new streams file which I did but changing the xml file did it. I still am unsure if the stream I am using is approrpiate though, I am running on a T62_g17 grid and used the stream which seems to be the newest stream that most matched the D cases default inital ice conditon. The model did however run for a month without aborting when using that file. 

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