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daily data for CMIP5 runs

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daily data for CMIP5 runs

For our D&A study, we require daily values of ua, va, ta for the historicalNAT and historicalGHG and the anthro only experiments. The natural runs are probably  b40.20th.nat.1deg.006  b40.20th.nat.1deg.008  b40.20th.nat.1deg.009  b40.20th.nat.1deg.011  b40.20th.nat.1deg.012

The GHG runs are

b40.20th.ghg.1deg.006, b40.20th.ghg.1deg.008, b40.20th.ghg.1deg.012


The anthro only experiments are b40.20th.anthro.1deg.006 b40.20th.anthro.1deg.008  b40.20th.anthro.1deg.009  b40.20th.anthro.1deg.012

We think these fall into the historicalMISC experiment.


Can these be published on the ESGF?

Thanks Michael



Sorry, Mike. We did not save daily "T", "U", or "V" (to derive ta/ua/va) from any of these 11 runs:

b40.20th.anthro.1deg.006 b40.20th.anthro.1deg.008 b40.20th.anthro.1deg.009 b40.20th.anthro.1deg.012

b40.20th.ghg.1deg.006 b40.20th.ghg.1deg.008 b40.20th.ghg.1deg.012

b40.20th.nat.1deg.006 b40.20th.nat.1deg.008 b40.20th.nat.1deg.009 b40.20th.nat.1deg.012



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