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Daily sea ice/SST

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Daily sea ice/SST


I had originally posted this question in the 'Input data inquiries' forum, but maybe that was not the place to post this. I am running a CESM simulation using a 'F' compset and I want to use my own sea ice/SST file as forcing. The temporal resolution of my data is daily, but it appears the sea ice is not being read in correctly (in the 'ice.log' file, the ice remains the same every single day over the course of a year). Is there something I need to change in a namelist or the code to be able to read in daily vs. monthly data? If not, is there some place where I can find the exact format needed for the input sea ice/SST file? I followed the format for the provided monthly climatology file (or so I thought) but perhaps it is still not in the correct format. Or maybe there is some other issue I am not thinking of here? Thank you so much for your help!!

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