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Daily SST/sea ice forcing

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Daily SST/sea ice forcing



I am trying to run a simulation with a F compset and I want to use daily sea ice/SST as the forcing for the experiment. I have just done a single year test and the model does not seem to be reading in my sea ice/SST file correctly. When I look at the ice.log file, the sea ice remains the same throughout the entire year. So either my input file is not written correctly or I need to change something in a namelist or somewhere in the code to deal with reading in daily data (or there is some other issue that I am not thinking of here!). Any help in getting this solved would be much appreciated, thanks!!

In theory, you should not do anything to go with monthly SSTs to daily SSTs. I never tried daily SSTs but I did it with weekly SSTs and it was working.How do you determine that sea-ice is not changing ? Are you looking at ICEFRAC ? Does the SSTs change ? 

How does the model determine the data is in monthly fashion or in daily fashion? Is there any example SST data we can follow?

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