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Deactivate Urban model

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Deactivate Urban model


we are runninng CLM4.5 with CESM 1.2.2 and want to deactivate as many urban modelling parts as possible.

Is there a configuration file, where we can say that CLM should not use any urban models?

Thank you very much.



There's not a simple out of the box way to do this. But, the way to do it is to set PCT_URBAN on the surface dataset to zero. Taking into mind that if you remove PCT_URBAN you have to add to another land-unit. Hence, the easiest way to do it is to create a new surface dataset with mksurfdata_map and use a rawdata file for urban that has PCT_URBAN identically zero everywhere.

See the CLM users guide for doing this.


In the namelist make sure mksrf_furban points to a dataset where PCT_URBAN is zeroed out.

Erik Kluzek ...............

CESM Land Model (CLM) Software Liason

CESM Software Engineering Group, NCAR


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