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Details about "dynamic land use" files of CLM

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Details about "dynamic land use" files of CLM

I have two questions about "dynamic land use" files of clm and I hope soneone can help me.

1  What is the unit of "harvest from primary forest" in this file? (most values of this variable are less than 0.006)

2  In this file, pft dimension is 17, however, in the Technical Description for CLM4.5, only 15 different PTFs are defined, so I wonder details about these 17 different PTFs.

Thank you for your help!

Chengwei Li


I think that the units are:


      ! If this is a tree pft, then

      ! get the annual harvest "mortality" rate (am) from harvest array

      ! and convert to rate per second

      if (ivt(p) > noveg .and. ivt(p) < nbrdlf_evr_shrub) then


         if (do_harvest) then

            am = harvest(g)

            m  = am/(days_per_year * secspday)


            m = 0._r8

         end if


so, fraction per year, then converted to fraction per second.


Bare soil is pft "0" and then there is a generic crop type that is not used (pft "16").  So, there are 17 pfts (0-16).

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