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divide by zero in dead compset

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divide by zero in dead compset

I'm currently in the process of porting CESM to Cartesius (

As the user guide indicate, I would like all validation tests to run successfully before spending time on the actual run. However, during the very first test ERS_D.f19_g16.X I get a divide by zero segmentation fault (see attachment). The testcase was created with the following command:
./create_test -compiler intel -mach cartesius -testname ERS_D.f19_g16.X

As indicated in the log, the error occurs in dead_mod.F90:234

I've added a print statement just before this location to verify whether variable NXG becomes zero. It really does.

Index: dead_mod.F90


--- dead_mod.F90        (revision 57780)

+++ dead_mod.F90        (working copy)

@@ -230,6 +230,7 @@
   write(logunit,*) subname,' Decomp is ',decomp_type,' lsize = ',lsize


+   print *, "DEBUG", nxg, nyg

    dx = 360.0_R8/nxg * deg2rad

    do n = 1,lsize
      ig = mod((gindex(n)-1),nxg) + 1

See attachment for the new log (including debug statement)
I'm on the newest CESM 1.2 (rev 57780 of today)



Hi Leo,

We recently discovered this problem ourselves and will have a fix for the 1_2_2 release due out this spring.   This affects only the dead models and hopefully you should have more success with

other component sets.   We'll update our known problems page and propose a fix soon.  




CESM Software Engineer


Hi Jim,
glad to hear that the problem is known and someone will look at it.

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