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do you have a pre-industrial control run for CESM1.2.2?

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do you have a pre-industrial control run for CESM1.2.2?


I wish to run an ensemble of transient simulations from 1850 in default resolution by initiating them from different years in a pre-industrial control run. I understand this can be done by changing 'RUN_REFDATE' from 0070-01-01 which is default for the compset I am using (B20TRC5CN) and/or the 'ncdata' variable, if it's in different files.

So, is there an existing pre-industrial control run for CESM1.2.2 (i.e. B1850C5CN) along with initialising files which I could use? And if so, where would I find it/them?

From looking in, for the one pointed to by default (b40_1850_2d_r07c5cn_160jp) there seem to be no other years available, and I also don't know if that would be exactly that model version? b40_1850_1d_b08c5cn_138j is the CMIP5 run and thus not CESM1.2.2 I think. Or should the fifth bullet point here be read as in that all compsets of CESM1.2.2 can only be run as a cold start, so I'd have to run pre-industrial myself?

Your help is highly appreciated!

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