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Entrainment rates reversed? (UW_web and UW_wet)

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Entrainment rates reversed? (UW_web and UW_wet)


I have a question about the two output variables by UW boundary layer module.

I looked at UW_web (Entrainment rate at CL base, CL) and UW_wet (Entrainment rate at CL top, CL). They are all zeros below 200 hPa all over the world in all of my runs, one of which is just out-of-box CESM with CAM5 (see the left profile plot in the picture I attached). The spatial distribution looks alright. So I reversed the vertical axis. However, the altitude of the non-zero values still looks low relative to the position of clouds and autoconversion rate (see the right three panels in the attachment).

Anyone looked at these variables before?

Thank you!

Wenshan Wang -- Arctic shipping emission

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