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Error with CAM5 SE on Yellowstone

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Error with CAM5 SE on Yellowstone

I’m attempting to run CAM5 with the spectral element dycore on Yellowstone with the Intel compiler. This worked fine using the special spcam branch (spcam2_0-cesm1_1_1) but it fails using cesm1_2_1. The error message from the cesm log file is:

ERROR: 0031-161 EOF on socket connection with node ys5647-ib

Both cases were set up using the following options:

create_newcase -case /glade/u/home/branson/testcases/cam5se -res ne30np4_ne30np4 -compset
F_2000_CAM5 -mach yellowstone

Attached is the full cesm log file.

Mark Branson


Hi Mark,

I don't see anything in the logs to indicate the problem and this error is typical of a system failure.  It might just work if you try again.   If not consider updating to 1.2.2 - it could be this is a solved problem.



CESM Software Engineer


Hi Jim.


For better or worse, I was able to repeat that error a number of times with cesm1_2_1.  Per your suggestion, I just set the case up again with cesm1_2_2 and it ran successfully, so I think you are correct that whatever the problem was got fixed.  So I'll just use that code base instead.





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