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Error in scripts regression tests: Not using optimized num nodes

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Error in scripts regression tests: Not using optimized num nodes


I am in the process of porting CESM2.1.0 to the national HPC facility in the UK, called Archer. When I run the scripts regression tests I get the following error:

2019-01-17 17:39:35: Exception during run:
ERROR: Not using optimized num nodes
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/SystemTests/", line 146, in run
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/SystemTests/", line 76, in run_phase
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/SystemTests/", line 42, in _ers_second_phase
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/SystemTests/", line 230, in run_indv
    self._case.case_run(skip_pnl=self._skip_pnl, submit_resubmits=True)
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/case/", line 284, in case_run
    lid = _run_model(self, lid, skip_pnl, da_cycle=cycle)
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/case/", line 163, in _run_model
    return run_and_log_case_status(functor, "", caseroot=case.get_value("CASEROOT"))
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/", line 1663, in run_and_log_case_status
    rv = func()
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/case/", line 162, in <lambda>
    functor = lambda: _run_model_impl(case, lid, skip_pnl=skip_pnl, da_cycle=da_cycle)
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/case/", line 91, in _run_model_impl
    cmd = case.get_mpirun_cmd(allow_unresolved_envvars=False)
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/case/", line 1266, in get_mpirun_cmd
    expect( (num_nodes + self.spare_nodes) == self.num_nodes, "Not using optimized num nodes")
  File "/fs2/n02/n02/inos/src/CESM2.1.0/cime/scripts/Tools/../../scripts/lib/CIME/", line 130, in expect
    raise exc_type(msg)
SystemExit: ERROR: Not using optimized num nodes

From what I understand from the scripts this is related to a special definition for the aprun command, which is used by Archer, but I don't understand what it really means or what to do about it. Can anyone help? I will attach my config files and the TestStatus.log file for this test for further information.




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