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ERROR in surfrdUtilsMod.F90 running CESM2.1.1

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ERROR in surfrdUtilsMod.F90 running CESM2.1.1


I am runing a basic case (F2000climo) with cesm2.1.1 and get an error in the lnd.log wile with informationas follows:

 Attempting to read surface boundary data .....
 (GETFIL): attempting to find local file
 (GETFIL): using
 check_var: variable xc is not on dataset
 surfrd_get_data lon_var = LONGXY lat_var =LATIXY
 surfrd_veg_all ERROR: sum of wt_nat_patch not 1.0 at nl=          58
 sum is:   0.977424727954449    
 ERROR: ERROR in surfrdUtilsMod.F90 at line 70

Is that caused by the data, or the code, or my settings to clm? I tried also with the "CESM/inputdata/lnd/clm2/surfdata_map/surfdata_0.9x1.25_16pfts_Irrig_CMIP6" data, and the error remains.

Many thanks for the help!



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