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Error while building CESM on zeus (linux)

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Error while building CESM on zeus (linux)


I am building CESM on a linux machine and I get an error while building pio:

mpif90  -c -DLINUX -DMCT_INTERFACE -DHAVE_MPI -DFORTRANUNDERSCORE -DNO_R16 -DHAVE_F2008_CONTIGUOUS -DLINUX -DCPRINTEL -DHAVE_SLASHPROC -DSPMD -DHAVE_MPI -DUSEMPIIO -DSYSLINUX -D_NETCDF -I/apps/netcdf/4.2-intel- -D_NOPNETCDF -DTIMING  -O2 -fp-model precise -convert big_endian -assume byterecl -ftz -traceback -xHost -g -CU -check pointers -fpe0 -ftz  -I.  -I/apps/netcdf/4.2-intel- -I/apps/mpt/2.06/include -I/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESMtest/bld/mct/mct -I/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESMtest/bld/mct/mpeu -I/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESMtest/bld/pio -I/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESM/models/utils/pio -I/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESMtest/bld/lib/include -I/apps/netcdf/4.2-intel-   -I../timing  /scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESM/models/utils/pio/pio_msg_callbacks.F90

/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESM/models/utils/pio/pio_msg_callbacks.F90(17): error #6457: This derived type name has not been declared.   [FILE_DESC_T]

  type(file_desc_t), pointer :: file


/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESMmodels/utils/pio/pio_msg_callbacks.F90(27): error #6404: This name does not have a type, and must have an explicit type.   [FILE]

  file=> lookupfile(fh)


/scratch2/portfolios/BMC/epaw/CESM/models/utils/pio/pio_msg_callbacks.F90(27): error #6795: The target must be of the same type and kind type parameters as the pointer.   [FILE]

  file=> lookupfile(fh)


Am I missing a library?

Thank you,




file_desc_t is defined in pio_types.F90 look for the compile log for that file and see if there is an error there.  

CESM Software Engineer

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