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Errors when running compset BRCP85CN at resolution f09_g16

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Errors when running compset BRCP85CN at resolution f09_g16

I am having a few issues doing a branch run for an RCP 8.5 scenario using cesm 1_2_2.


My first test was using this setup:

./create_newcase -case ~/cases/branchsept8 -res f09_g16 -compset BRCP85CN -mach yellowstone


This by default sets up the following items:

RUN_REFCASE: b40.20th.track1.1deg.008

RUN_REFDATE: 2005-01-01

RUN_STARTDATE: 2005-01-01

RUN_TYPE: hybrid


I tried to change it from hybrid to branch using xmlchange:

./xmlchange STOP_OPTION=nyears

./xmlchange STOP_N=1

./xmlchange REST_OPTION=nmonths

./xmlchange REST_N=1

./xmlchange RUN_TYPE=branch




During the build I get an error about the clm restart file, but the file does get prestaged in the run directory so I am ignoring that:

File status unknown:


After the build says it completes successfully I submit it but the run exits after less then a minute. There seems to be some sort of mpi error and it is getting stuck somehow. In the logs there are also a bunch of references to hybrid start so I'm assuming it didn't correctly switch to branch, but I'm not sure.


I also tried running it on lower resolution just to see if it would work:

./create_newcase -case ~/cases/branchlowerres -res f19_g16 -compset BRCP85CN -mach yellowstone


This one defaults to being a startup run and I again try changing it to branch and set the same stop and restart write options as before:

./xmlchange RUN_TYPE=branch



In this case it would not do a successful build citing this error:

rtm.buildnml.csh could not find restart file for branch or hybrid start


I found many references to the same error in the forums, but in old threads. When I tried to apply to fix I found that I didn't have the same lines of code in my version of rtm.buildnml.csh, probably because those threads are from 2013.


I also tried running a case like the first one but changing the restart files to these b40.rcp8_5.1deg.003, which I prestaged in the run directory:

 ./create_newcase -case ~/cases/branchsept14 -res f09_g16 -compset BRCP85CN -mach  yellowstone


 I made the following xml changes in addition to the same stop and restart changes as before:

 ./xmlchange RUN_TYPE=branch

 ./xmlchange RUN_STARTDATE=2007-01-01

 ./xmlchange RUN_REFCASE=b40.20th.track1.1deg.003

 ./xmlchange RUN_STARTDATE=2007-01-01

 ./xmlchange GET_REFCASE=FALSE

 This run also exits with the same errors as the first test case. Is there something I am missing? How can I create a branch run with this compset and resolution (f09_g16 BRCP85CN)? Any help is appreciated.


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